In June and July of 2016, Conservation Music joined Greenpop, a Cape Town-based environmental activism group, in Livingstone, Zambia for their annual Festival of Action. The event was rife with workshops, activations, community outreach, and connections with all manner of incredible people. We had never experienced anything quite like it, and was honored to be able to contribute to the festival by helping with setup and take-down, running workshops, and, primarily, producing this song and video with Livingstone locals “Mosi Oa Tunya,” a band named for the famous Victoria Falls just a stone’s throw from Livingstone.

This song brings together 5 different languages from all across Zambia, where there are 73 official languages in total. To quote a young student we met at the festival, Fortune Manda…

“I have heard many English songs on conservation and environmental awareness which did stir up emotions within me. But, listening to one in my own tongue is a totally different feeling. I felt I could resonate with the message and it really touched my heart. It was also worth noting that there were so many languages on it, about five I think; all coming from different parts of Zambia. I am so excited that such a message can reach the Zambians not fortunate enough to get educated and learn a foreign language.”

It’s messages like this that keep us going!

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