“Day Zero” featuring Jack Mantis Band, Gershan Lombard: KhoisanBoy.Man, and Chuma Preshy Mgcoyi. A song produced in March 2018 for Cape Town’s #DayZero water crisis.

On April 25, flash floods interrupted Cape Town’s three-year catastrophic drought. We’ve heard stories of such boom-or-bust water dynamics here in Lesotho as well. This April, shortly after cars were washed away along with the topsoil of Lesotho, homeless Capetonians were swept away by the flooding streams and highways in South Africa’s Western Cape.

The production of our first Expedition #K2K song was full of powerful experiences, including emotional ones. After witnessing the desolate Theewaterskloof Dam with Explore4Knowledge, grooving with the Amandla Development Phillipi Dance crew, as well as joining Greenpop in Platbos to plant trees, we are beyond excited to debut this music video to the world. The audio track was produced hand-in-hand with our friends at Africa Sun Music, and we’re amped about its quality!

NOTE: In the midst of our production, Mmusi Maimane of the Democratic Alliance political party announced for better or worse that Day Zero would be pushed back beyond the end of 2018, and that desalination plants were on the way to start making use of the ocean, a practice which itself can cause significant environmental damage.

Conservation Music encourages decentralized grassroots solutions to environmental problems often caused by mismanagement by central government and corporate interests. We do agree with Mmusi that the people of Cape Town, the grassroots, are the “Day Zero Heroes” the city needed, and furthermore they will need to continue to be as Cape Town’s population grows, its water is continually mismanaged, and the climate keeps changing in negative ways in this already semi-arid region of the world. This message must go out to Cape Town and to the world at large… the battle is not won! 🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic

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