Happy 50th, Earth Day!

Earth Day, Earthsong’s Birthday!

At long last, Earthsong is live! And so is Earth Day 2020, which marks our official launch. Earthsong is participating in several global events, described below. Learn more and watch some videos with a quick scroll down the page, or get to know our organization and our work at Announcing Earthsong!

Earth Day Live 2020

Beginning at 12pm EST, during Artists for the Earth, the official global Earth Day celebration is screening three 10-minute Conservation Music showcases, powered by Earthsong, and hosted by our founder Alex Paullin. These showcases feature the Expedition #K2K productions Samalilani, Protect Our Water, Mmaballeng Montlenyane, Okavango O Moxa, Hayilondo Tyeni Nyika Yedu, and highlights from our interviews with Mwachaingwe Sibanda and Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. You can watch these specials below, and keep scrolling to learn more about our other Earth Day programming!

Earth Day Live Showcase #1: Samalilani & Protect Our Water

This showcase begins with our Founder’s personal favorite production, from month 9 of 13 of Expedition #K2K, our eco-musical journey from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro. Please enjoy the Zambian climate change hit we co-created with our talented friends in Lusaka… Samalilani.

The second feature is another Expedition #K2K production, from month 4 of 13 on the road: Protect Our Water from Pretoria, South Africa, in collaboration with the students at Tlakukani Primary school in Mamelodi township.

Earth Day Live Showcase #2: Mmaballeng Montlenyane & Okavango O Moxa

For our next segment, we’re taking a trip deep into the Okavango Delta of Botswana. This music video production comes from month 5 of 13 of Expedition #K2K, our eco musical journey from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro. Guided by local community members, we took 3 of our musical friends into the wild by traditional mokoro canoe.

The second feature is from 2016’s Cross Okavango Expedition, during which the three artists crossed the entire Okavango Delta by canoe. This traverse required two weeks of hard slogging and camping in the bush. The entire song was written, recorded, and filmed in this rich wetland wilderness.

Earth Day Live Showcase #3: Hayilondo Tyeni Nyika Yedu & Mwachaingwe Sibanda + Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi Interviews

Up next is a special community production, which took shape throughout month 7 of 13 of Expedition #K2K, our eco-musical journey from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro. We were living in Mambanje village, far off the beaten path in western Zimbabwe. Resources of any kind are incredibly scarce in this deeply rural area. As a result of its proximity to Hwange National Park, conflict with lions is a regular occurrence. In this production, community members both young and old record a professional quality song for the first time in their lives to draw attention to sustainable adaptations to life-or-death issues like drought, wildlife conflict, and climate change.

Following the music video are interviews with two amazing people who have grown up in different parts of Zimbabwe. One is a community leader from the video you’ve just seen, Mr. Mwachaingwe, who brushed off his musical chops having not touched a guitar for over 25 years before we arrived. The other is the legendary Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi, a world-renowned African music star who we were incredibly honored to work with only months before his passing.

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