Our COVID-19 Response

Localization is key.

We are loving all of the musical responses to COVID-19 from all over the world. We also recognize that these amazing programs are primarily being done by major celebrity artists, on global or western platforms, in English. The audiences that they manage to reach are gaining feelings of solidarity, unity, and engagement. However, according to our research, many of those responses and their impact do not reach local markets in developing countries where many individuals are at high risk for serious COVID-19 complications. At the time of this writing, many people in countries like Lesotho lack access to even basic healthcare, the ability to avoid public transportation, and the resources to survive a long-term lockdown without a daily income.

Earthsong is creating tools for musicians to spread hope, peace, and accurate COVID-19 information, especially in the developing world.

          Our musicians recognize that many cannot receive these musical programs, and they want to do something about it. Earthsong is creating guidelines, processes, tutorials, and platforms for artists who want to spread solidarity, hope, and accurate information in response to COVID-19. Artists reaching out to their people, in their home languages, creating a relatable community of knowledge and peace.

          We are endeavoring to serve as a platform for musical responses to COVID-19 in parts of the world that are not being reached by mainstream artists’ campaigns. We are fully prepared to act as a means of support and delivery for engagement, entertainment, and trusted information. We have assembled a report based on analyses of other COVID-19 responses from around the world in order to share best practices with our network of artists and activists. In the same vein as our chapter handbook, these musical response guidelines will be concise and comprehensive. As soon as Earth Day has ended, this will be our immediate focus.

This video, produced by our friend Phillip Leteka,
illustrates the early days of COVID-19 in Lesotho.

          Going further, we recognize that many lack internet access and to combat this we intend to partner with radio and TV stations for our COVID-19 response programming. Artists’ events will be downloaded, and copies sent to radio or TV stations, which will allow much larger audiences to tune in. As Earthsong chapters apply for COVID-19 related funding in their countries, many are including budget items for multi-use food packages and hand washing stations to assist those most afflicted by the economic crisis.

This organization was founded on the understanding that to educate, activate, and advocate for those whom we serve, we must recognize their most basic needs and barriers as well. With the knowledge and perspective our team has attained for the last 5 years, we are doing our best to help in places where help is often all too rare.