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Putting music to work for the planet and its people.


A world of informed and engaged individuals making sustainable choices which positively affect their own wellbeing, their communities, and the environment.

Planet Earth is home for all of us.

A Holistic Approach

After four years working with students, celebrities, volunteers, villagers, expats, and refugees, our team has become acutely aware of just how deeply integrated environmental and humanitarian development challenges are. We cannot tackle one issue without incorporating the rest, meeting people “where they’re at” while addressing their individual hierarchy of needs through education and advocacy. 

In addition to the climate, the environment, and wildlife, we need a musical movement which takes mental health, social justice, inequality, abuse, disability, public health, and poverty into account. Earthsong educates and inspires artists, activists, educators, and our audience toward a greener planet inhabited by informed and engaged individuals coexisting in a healthy society.

Putting Music to Work for the Planet and its People

Our Challenge

Planetary collapse has human implications.

According to thousands of peer-reviewed articles all over the globe, we are currently left until 2030 to turn the tide on climate change and biodiversity loss to curtail the resultant disasters of famine, forced migration, human trafficking, and more that have begun in the developing world.

Frontline communities lack information.

More than 2 billion people worldwide depend daily on their natural surroundings to survive and provide for their families, yet as they face the brunt end of the costs of our own comfort and convenience, their soil and water keeps dwindling, and they are often last to hear about what is expected, and what they can do to adapt.

Musical impact is isolated & sporadic.

The power of music to teach, inspire, activate, and captivate the human mind for years is an unquestionable fact. Many musicians worldwide have been frustrated by their lack of ability to do anything for these people, let alone for the planet itself. The events and productions so far often lack continuity, results, and scalability.

Enlist global artists and activate youth.

Earthsong equips performing artists with the tools they need to confidently reach their listeners with this crucial information. We produce world-class song and music video productions which integrate into workshops and curricula, and train young people to start their own organizations to carry out local programming for years to come.

Boots on the ground in the developing world.

If you want to make a difference in faraway places, you have to get up close and personal. Our local youth chapters provide a continuous resource to the music, education, and environmental spheres at the national and regional level. Our global team acts as an on-the-ground catalyst and a strategic guide to this network of organizers, activists, and educators.

Focus on scalability and continuity.

Our local chapters, tools, and training for youth and musicians ensure that our vision scales far beyond the capabilities of a single team. Our proven impact programming continues year-round. Our high-quality recorded content transcends timelines and borders long after the song has been sung. We are in it for the long haul and we place our beneficiaries first.

Our Solution

Helping Musicians Make a Difference

How does it work?

Music is scientifically proven to transform the mind, but not every musician knows how they can best use their talent and influence to create positive change. Our team has spent years developing tools and methodologies to organize the most effective musical responses to large-scale challenges.

What exactly do we do?

We produce educational media, develop classroom resources, host live workshops, and provide tools and training to artists, activists, and educators seeking to make a difference through the unique power of music. Our work with over 100 artists has reached millions over radio, TV and online, in locally relevant genres and languages. Our volunteers have engaged face-to-face with over 10,000 individuals in vulnerable communities. Our compositions deliver a message, hold attention and memory, and evoke an emotional response. 77% of our listeners have learned new, useful information.

Localization is essential. We identify talented youth leaders and empower them with structures, resources, and training to lead their own organizations at the national level. They maintain relationships with artists and broadcasters, offer solar-powered video screenings and activations like tree planting and waste cleanup, produce local songs and videos, and more. Together with our first five chapter leaders, we developed a handbook containing best practices for every step in our value chain. Thus we are steadily scaling to the global network of pragmatic and effective changemakers we envision.

Who We Are

From Alex to Zinja, meet the world of people who make this work possible. We are proud to work with such motivated, unique, and talented individuals as we scale with intention and foresight.

Alex Paullin


Alex Paullin is a lifelong musician with a degree in Geographic Science and a wide breadth of environmental education. A talented composer and producer of both audio and video alike, Alex has sat on international panels and spoken and performed for prestigious groups globally. He is a National Geographic Explorer and a One Young World Ambassador.

Austin Sacks


Austin is an experienced marketing coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. His strong educational and professional skills in computer science, hospitality, industry, social media, and public relations serve our mission well!

Ghaamid Abdulbasat

Tanzania Chapter Leader

Ghaamid is a Bsc. graduate of Environmental Sciences and Management from the United Republic of Tanzania. He is “in love” with campaigning on environmental issues including climate change and desertification, and therefore raising public awareness on environmental issues for sustainability.

Makumbi Muleba

Social & Influencers

Just like the meaning of his name, “clouds,” Makumbi strives to create work that ascends beyond limits. Ideas that not only connect but lift. Aspiring to inspire from a local to a more global community, Mak enjoys working with a diverse group of people from different creative disciplines, because to him, that’s what catalyzes innovation.

Natasha Sakala

Zambia Chapter Leader

In 2011, Natasha was trained as a climate change ambassador at UNICEF and since then she has been engaged on public advocacy platforms to speak about climate change and mitigation issues. Being female has never stopped Natasha from being the leader she knows she is destined to be. Natasha loves Geography and Politics. She is passionate about sustainable development.

Natalie Barth


A student at UNC Chapel Hill, Natalie is trained and experienced in music-themed digital marketing. We first met Natalie in South Africa during a tree planting festival, and later discovered she shared her hometown with our founder! She is truly an asset to any team and we are grateful to tell stories together.

Reekelitsoe Molapo

Africa Director

“Rex” is an accomplished and accoladed young entrepreneur. She has worked and volunteered with organizations like Better SA, Global Business Roundtable, World Vision, US Embassy and EU Maseru. She is a Queen’s Young Leader, a YALI Alumnus, A One Young World Ambassador, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneaur, a Pitch at Palace Alumnus, and a UN Solutions Summit Innovator.

Tumiso Selaledi

Botswana Chapter Leader

Tumiso is an award-winning young conservationist from Botswana. As Vice President of the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of the University of Botswana, she organized tree plantings, information booths, and many other programs which eventually earned her the coveted “Chairperson’s Award. Tumiso is also a road safety activist, traveling the world to various conferences to represent Botswana.

Zinja Gaveta

Malawi Chapter Leader

Zinja is the enthusiastic leader of an effective team of professionals building Conservation Music Malawi from the ground up. The positive energy and hard skillset of the Malawi chapter are not to be underestimated! Stay tuned for more music and programs from Malawi.

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