We are Earthsong.

Putting Music to work for the Planet and its People.

Brought to you by the team behind Conservation Music


AFREEFEST 24-Hour Mandela Day Music Festival

Inspired by the African term “Ubuntu” meaning “humanity” and “I am because we are”, AFREEFEST is a platform that was created to share cultural experiences in art, music, and creativity. Conservation Music is proud to serve as AFREEFEST’s official Facebook streaming and donations partner this Mandela Day, July 18th 2020!

Earthsong is excited to be partnering with Art For the Journey, a visual arts charity, to produce a TV show called The Creative Corner! It features engaging educational programming on weekdays throughout the summer to help students avoid the “summer slide” and expand their understanding of the world.

#SoundsFromAfrica – Elemotho and Nakhane LIVE!

WOMAD Festival is proud to present the next instalment of #SoundsFromAfrica, a Cultural Connections Africa (CCA) concert series produced by Skyroomlive and Conservation Music. Tune in and turn up the volume to soak up the sweet sounds from Namibia’s Elemotho and South Africa’s Nakhane.

New Music Video! Eswatini’s Star Musicians Encourage Their People to Protect Our Earth

Starring Eswatini legends Pachanga, Velemseni, Qibho Intalektual, Sands, Bholoja, Black Rhino, and Buddy Masango, this beautiful fusion of sounds encourages the people of Eswatini to look after the planet that sustains them.

Happy 50th, Earth Day!

At long last, Earthsong is live! And so is Earth Day 2020, which marks our official launch. Beginning at 12pm EST, during Artists for the Earth, the official global Earth Day celebration is screening three 10-minute Conservation Music showcases, powered by Earthsong, and hosted by our founder Alex Paullin.

Announcing Earthsong!

The team behind Conservation Music is very excited to announce Earthsong, a brand new 501c3 public charity! Earthsong is the culmination of four years of learning, experimentation, research, and experience on the part of Conservation Music’s founder, team, and the communities we serve.

Our COVID-19 Response

We are loving all of the musical responses to COVID-19 from all over the world. We also recognize that these amazing programs are primarily being done by major celebrity artists, on global or western platforms, in English. Earthsong is creating tools for musicians to spread hope, peace, and accurate COVID-19 information, especially in the developing world.

Report: CMES Youth Leadership Summit 2020

From 8-13 February 2020, Conservation Music/Earthsong Summit (CMES) held a training and collaboration summit with its chapter leaders in Fontainebleau, Johannesburg, South Africa over a period of five days. The summit was organized by the CMES global leadership in order to further educate its management staff and work together on the creation of the CMES Handbook, which will be used as the organization’s global standard as it continues to expand.


Putting music to work for the planet and its people.


A world of informed and engaged individuals making sustainable choices which positively affect their own wellbeing, their communities, and the environment.

Planet Earth is home for all of us.


We create and distribute educational content for use in schools and communities all over the world. We leverage the scientifically proven influence of music and visual media on the human mind to create lasting and emotionally significant learning opportunities.


We identify political gaps in sustainable development and partner with other organizations to rally the public to help enact sustainable policies. We support the UN’s 17 Global Goals. Our leadership team has attended over a dozen global conferences to advocate for music as a highly effective approach to sustainable development.


We develop capacity-building resources and trainings for artists, educators, and activists to widely scale our impact. By equipping young people with knowledge of impactful programming, content creation, nonprofit management, strategic planning, and more, we are able to localize and streamline our programs in many countries.

Our Challenge

Planetary collapse has human implications.

We cannot separate the planet from its people. We must acknowledge human needs and human nature.

Frontline communities lack information.

 Safeguarding soil and water, building healthy communities, and adapting to climate change all require knowledge.

Musical impact is isolated & sporadic.

We love mega-concerts and benefit shows, but music can do so much more. We need to bridge the gaps.

Our Solution

Enlist global artists and activate youth.

Help musicians make a difference as they build their following. Empower youth to facilitate the process.

Boots on the ground in the developing world.

Get up close and personal to listen in and focus our impact where it’s needed most. Localization is key. 

Focus on scalability and continuity.

Professional development and tools designed for artists, activists, and educators everywhere.  

Our Programs

Impact Media

Thanks to the 4-year legacy of Conservation Music, we specialize in the composition and production of targeted educational music and video content. 

Live Events and Solar Cinemas

Music is a powerful gathering tool. We leverage that to deliver crucial knowledge where it counts.

Capacity Building

Developing tools and delivering trainings for artists, educators, and activists is essential to scale  exponentially.

ESD Curriculum

We collaborate with global experts to develop highly engaging Education for Sustainable Development tools.

Educational Technology

We are building a first-of-its-kind app to deliver ESD regardless of a teacher’s knowledge or abilities with topics or youth. 

Advocacy Campaigns

Music has ended wars, enabled national sovereignty, and unified persecuted populations before. The time has come.

Our Impact

countries served

artists and activists

more than

direct engagements

(millions on air and online!)



learning ratio

Supporting the SDGs

Through our education and advocacy programs, Earthsong supports and promotes 17 out of 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Not only does our organization publicize the SDGs through impact media and programs, but within our operations as we work to empower and collaborate with capable and talented individuals, old and young, throughout the world. Our team members have been privileged to contribute to the SDG conversation by performing and speaking at conferences all over the world, including the UN General Assembly in New York and the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

the artists


Produced by Conservation Music, and brought to you by Earthsong! Follow the stories of four Basotho as the first National Geographic-supported project in Lesotho takes place. An educational “eco-concert” in Malealea village brings together a variety of souls from a wide range of backgrounds, to celebrate and learn about their precious mother Earth.

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I have heard many English songs on conservation and environmental awareness which did stir up emotions within me. But, listening to one in my own tongue is a totally different feeling. I felt I could resonate with the message and it really touched my heart. It was also worth noting that there were so many languages on it, about five I think; all coming from different part of Zambia. I am so excited that such a message can reach the Zambians not fortunate enough to get educated and learn a foreign language.


Student, Zambia

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